Construction Supervision

In order to guarantee the quality of works being executed attains a satisfactory level, construction supervision is very essential. In this regard, experienced team composition alongside specific supervision roles is very important.


AIM perform supervision of construction works. During construction phase, AIM ensures proper construction of the works in accordance and in compliance with the requirements of the Tender Document, construction drawings and the specification. AIM provides suitable qualified and highly motivated supervisory team.

The Major roles of AIM are majorly all site supervision of construction and administration of the contract with respect to:

  • Supervision
  • Testing
  • Project Controlling
  • Examination of materials and workmanship
  • Measure work carried out

The objective of our approach is to ensure that;

The completed project conforms to the highest engineering standards; The completed project meets expected quality (client’s satisfaction); In the process of delivering the project, the environmental, safety and engineering standard meet the requirement set by the relevant codes of practices and reports