1. Team Leader / Resident Engineer responsible of all Technical Administration aspects on site and Principal Contact between Client and Contractor, must possess a Master’s Degree in Bridge Engineering, Highways, Transport or Geotechnical Engineering. Master’s in Civil Engineering acceptable provided CV contains several long span bridges, (The French Degree BAC+5 Ponts et Chaussle acceptable as Master’s Degree) Minimum 15 years experience.
    • Familiar with FIDIC Conditions of Contract
    • Managed at least 2 projects with a value in excess of $8 Million and familiar with Donors / Banks guidelines.
    • Accredited with Relevant Professional Bodies
  2. Assistant Resident Engineer / Bridges / Structural Engineer
    • Must possess B.Sc./ B.Eng. Degree in Civil or Highway Engineering
    • Minimum 12 years of cumulative experience related to Bridge Construction.
    • At least 2 Bridge Construction Supervision Projects using balanced cantilever method up to 36m or Box Girder Bridges of Larger Spans.
  3. Geotechnical / Soils and Materials Engineer.
    Responsible for all Subsoil Geotechnical Matters as well as soils and Construction Materials used in the works.
    • Geotechnical / Soil experienced and Materials Engineer on Road/ Bridge Construction during the last 12 years.
    • Participated in the Supervision of at least two Road / Bridge Construction Projects.
    • Accredited with Relevant Professional Bodies.
  4. Chief Surveyor
    • He shall be responsible for Survey Works.
    • At least 10 years experiences in Land Surveying
  5. Inspector/Clerk of works
    • Shall possess a Civil Engineering Degree B.Sc. or B. Eng.
    • Minimum 10 years experience in Review and Interpretation of drawings, Site Layouts Construction Methods to ensure Compliance to Legal and Safety requirements and maintains Daily Logs and supplements inspection records with photographs, shall Measure the Works and shall Compute Estimate of Works Completed.
    • Possess experience as Inspector / Clerk of works in Bridges and Roads projects for 8 years.
    • Accredited with Relevant Professional Bodies.
    • Design Architects experienced in Producing Detailed Drawings and capable to produce perspectives. ARCON registered.
    • Civil (Roads) / Civil (Structural), Civil (Hydraulics), Electrical, Mechanical (VAC/Plumbing/Fire Fighting) Engineers Experienced in Producing Detailed Working Drawings. Must be COREN Registered.
    • Quantity Surveyors registered with QSRBN.
    • Accountant with Degree in Accountancy and ICAN certification, must possess Minimum 10 years experience.
Schedule of Contract Claims Experts will be flexible.
Note: All Professional should provide a paragraph indicating their methodology in Capacity Building ensuring proper transfer of Engineering and Technological know-how to the Client’s seven young graduates.
Send your CVs to [email protected] cc: [email protected]
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.