The Scope of Works includes packaged Water Treatment, Booster pumps, Transmission Line, Ground Reservoirs, Elevated Water Tanks / Water Towers, Distribution and Metering. Experience in Sewage Treatment Plants should be provided for better Assessment of Candidate but will not add to qualification results.
  1. Project Manager / Team Leader should possess a Master’s in Civil or Water Resources Engineering with at least 8 years in Water related works and member of relevant accredited bodies.
  2. Resident Engineer responsible for Planning and Coordination, with Master’s Degree level in Engineering with at least 12 years experience of which 6 years as Project Coordinator, and member of relevant accredited bodies.
  3. Civil / Hydraulic Engineer possess a Minimum of Degree (B.Sc. / B.Eng.) in Civil Engineering with specializations in Water Hydraulics with Minimum 10 years experience and member of relevant accredited bodies.
  4. Water / Sanitary Engineer responsible of suggesting Design Alternatives including detailed studies and preparation of cost estimates when the need arises to develop project budgets and cost control. Must possess a Minimum of B.Sc. / B.Eng. Degree in Civil / Water Engineering and member of relevant accredited bodies.
  5. Structural Engineer in charge of inspection of structural facilities including QA/QC and remeasurement of Quantities. Accredited with relevant professional bodies and Minimum of 10 years experience.
  6. Electro-Mechanical / Instrumentation Engineer responsible for planning, coordinating of all Procurement Processes including coordinating the installation of Electro-Mechanical Facilities on the project and budgeting as well as Cost Controls of Electro-Mechanical Equipment. Must possess B.Sc. / B.Eng. Degree in Electrical/ Electronics / Instrumentation / Mechanical Engineering. Accredited with relevant professional bodies and Minimum of 10 years experience.
  7. Procurement Engineer / Specialist responsible for Planning, Coordination of all procurement processes including shipment. Must possess minimum of B.Sc. / B.Eng. / B.Tech. Degree, Minimum 10 years experience. Member of Relevant Accreditation Bodies and knowledgeable with International Procurement Procedure.
  8. Land Surveyor with B.Sc. or HND Degree in Land Surveying, Accredited with Relevant Professional Bodies, Minimum 10years experience.
  9. Engineering Cost Estimator must possess B. Sc. / B.Eng. Degree in Civil Engineering or Quantity Surveying registered and Member with Relevant Accreditation Bodies. Minimum 10 years experience.
Schedule of Contract Claims Experts will be flexible.
Note: All Professional should provide a paragraph indicating their methodology in Capacity Building ensuring proper transfer of Engineering and Technological know-how to the Client’s seven young graduates.
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Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.