In addition to CV, all Applicants to specify in few lines their Experience and Exposure in Capacity Building to train Client’s Cadets.
  1. Resident Engineer/Contract Specialist to act as a Project Manager with Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering. A Master’s Degree in Highway Engineering will be an advantage. Professional Registration with Minimum 15 years’ experience in Supervision of Road Construction / Rehabilitation / Maintenance Operations, of which 6 years’ experience in the management and administration of road construction contracts. Specific Experience in contract documentation, road design, pavement structures, materials testing and data management will be advantageous. Individual experience in Technical Assistance role would also be considered an advantage. Excellent Communication Skills, conversant with Microsoft Office and Project Management Software. Experience in Donors / Banks Financed Projects will also be an advantage.
  2. Highway Engineer /Registered Assistant Resident Engineer with B.Sc. in Civil or Highway Engineering and Professional Registration with Minimum of 10 years’ experience in Roads Design aspect (i.e: Use of CAD Design tools for Road Design), 7 years in Supervision and Management of Road Projects, experience in supervision and management of Donors / Banks Financed Projects.
  3. Senior Soil / Materials Engineer / Pavement Engineer with B.Sc. in Civil or Soils / Material Engineering and Professional Registration, with 10 years Minimum experience in Supervision of Road Works. Minimum 5 years in Road/Materials Laboratory and 5 years experience in Bituminous Pavement Works.
  4. Geodetic Engineer with Bachelor Degree / Diploma in Geodetic Engineering, and experienced in Civil Engineering with Minimum 12 years experience of which 10 years spent on large Road Projects in setting and verification, Minimum 10 years experience in Cadastral and Topographic Surveys (i.e: Experience to encompass Civil Engineering), with Professional Registration.
  5. Structure / Bridge Engineer with B.Sc. Degree Civil Engineering, a Master’s Degree in Civil or preferably Structural Engineering will be an advantage, with Professional Registration with Minimum 10 years experience in Bridge Design and Construction, Experienced in Donors/Banks Financed Projects and shall ensure the Contractor complies with the quality of the works as it relates to structure and Bridge Design Standards as specified in Contract Documents.
  6. Transport / Road Safety Engineer with B.Sc. Civil or Transport Engineering and with Professional Registration with Minimum 10 years experience in Civil Works of which 5 years in Management and Design of Donors / Banks Financed Projects and Experienced in Transport/ Road Safety Engineering. He shall ensure that the Contractor without Compromise or Deviations, Complies in full with the Quality of Works and Standards as Specified in the Technical Drawings and Specifications bid documents and other contract documents, expect for cases previously agreed with the Client.
  7. Environmental Expert with a Degree or similar Qualification in Environmental Engineering or Science with Minimum 10 years experience in Environmental Engineering Works with Professional Certification. A relevant Postgraduate degree will be an advantage. The Environmental expert should have experience in Donors / Banks Financed Projects. Ensuring the contractor complies with Environmental Management Plan as in Contract Documents. Schedule of transport / Road. Safety Engineer will be flexible.
  8. Socio Economist with relevant Degree in the Social Sciences, knowledgeable in SIAs, RAPs, raising awareness on HIV / AIDs and STDs, Road Safety, Teenage Pregnancy and Malaria Control, with min. 10 years experience. Experienced in Donors/s Financed Road Projects is an advantage. Schedule of Socio Economist will be flexible.
  9. Contract / Claim Expert preferably a B.Sc. Degree in Civil Engineering and Registered with COREN, or a Degree in the Procurement or Social Science. Quantity Surveys could apply if CV is highly adequate and registered QSRBN, experienced in Donors/Banks Financed Road Projects and with Minimum 6 years experience.
Key Experts for Sudan

Stage 1 : Design

Position Description Qualifications/years of Experience
K-1 Resident Engineer The candidate should have a postgraduate degree in Civil Engineering Highway/Transportation/Geotechnical) with a minimum of 15 years of experience, at least 10 years of relevant experience Construction Supervision in similar projects funded by international financing institutions.
2 Quality Manager/ Material Expert The candidate will be at least a Post Graduate in Civil Engineering and preferably with a postgraduate qualification in Highway/Geo-technical Engineering. minimum of 12 years experience, at least 8 years as Material Engineer/Geotechnical Engineer in Highway construction projects.
3 Civil/Highway Highway Engineer The candidate will be at least a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering with 10 or more years of professional experience in road construction projects.
4 Site Inspector B.Sc in Civil/ Highway Engineering– four Persons - Experience not less than 6 years.
5 Site Supervisor Diploma in Civil/ Highway Engineering– Eight Persons - Experience not less than 8 years.
6 Financial Expert B.A accounting Experience not less than 5 years
7 Surveyor Degree in geoinformatics/ geodetic/ surveying Experience not less than 5 years.
Schedule of Contract Claims Experts will be flexible.
Note: All Professional should provide a paragraph indicating their methodology in Capacity Building ensuring proper transfer of Engineering and Technological know-how to the Client’s seven young graduates.
Send your CVs to [email protected] cc: [email protected]
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.